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There should be no controversy when it comes to the flag of America. Every nation gets recognized by flying their flags to show their pride. The same way we do if not more when we landed on the moon we put our flag there. Here he is seen with H.E. HAMPSHIRE COLLEGE FLAG CONTROVERSY, .

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Statement Summary:

When we go to any event the symbol of our country is always present.As our American flag represents our constitution for freedom of speech we have equal reasonability in our schools and society to educate our students the respect towards our flag and to those who sacrificed their lives for everyone’s freedom that we enjoy today as a great nation. Shame on those who disrespect our flag and more shame on those who don’t take pride and love in our nation by not flying the flag as a symbol of pride on their buildings.Hampshire College President Jonathan Lash said the flag will not fly so the diverse campus can have a discussion about its many possible meanings. I think Mr. Lash should be ashamed by not flying the flag already failed the diverse discussion.  God Bless America and Americans the greatest and generous nation on earth.

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