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A Lesson in Humanity.

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Interesting things happen! After leaving a restaurant with my friends we saw a gentleman in a wheelchair and I immediately said to my friend Richie, it's lunchtime, he may be hungry also, so can you go back and please get some food for him. Richie goes immediately to order the food with my other friends Eddie and Alex who are good people. I went over to the gentleman so he won't leave. As i was speaking with him my friends came back with the food and to my surprise he said he didn't want the food, he only wanted $2 a Tums or something like that for his stomach and he saw the water in my hand and he asked if he could have this water bottle. He then requested the food please be given to a gentleman across the street who is homeless and maybe he is hungry. Richie arrived with the food and I asked him to follow the instruction of the gentleman and Richie walked across the street and gave the food to him. It humbled all of us that the man in the wheelchair only asked for what he needed and chose to care about someone else. When I looked at his feet it looked like they needed some kind of Medical Care and what is humbling to all of us was his kindness toward somebody else even when he has needs. This is what should be expected of a compassionate society. We should never forget respect towards our sister and brothers. God bless all of you and remember to serve others.