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Kiit School Honors.

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KIIT WORLD SCHOOL welcomed Dr. Bobby Kalotee, Friends for Good Health USA and Dr. Sanjana Jon, Chairwoman Friends for Good Health India. They are promoting environmental sustainability with the H2O Movement Movie and the walk for water movement. Dr. Kalotee created political history in the USA and has been elected chairman of the Reform Party, one of the six nationally recognized political parties in USA, FIRST EVER INDIAN AMERICAN to head a party at national level in America. KIITians welcomed them with a dance performance by and Ganesh Vandana. The amazing part of ceremony was speech by Dr. Bobby about his life journey, as a simple down to earth man who worked for humanity. Dr. Kalotee is an advocate for free education to talented students in America. His talk was very inspiring to students, staff and teachers. Every person who attended felicitation ceremony went back with high spirits.