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Dr. Kalotee is a charismatic and hardworking individual who has grown from a simple beginning to a well respected and proud Patriotic citizen of USA. Dr. Kalotee believes serving people is a privilege that he performs every day and at all times. It is an honor for him and is a humbling experience; it is not a 9 to 5 job. He continues to serve others on all their issues or concerns in their day to day life, regardless of their ethnicity or nationality.


Dr. Kalotee’s appointment to Nassau County Human Rights Commission was on a unanimous vote by the Nassau County legislators and approved by County Executive Hon. Laura Curran. He is also on the board of directors for Nassau University Medical Center. Even though Dr. Kalotee did not have a formal education, he was appointed to Stony Brook University’s Brook Heaven National Labs from 1997 to 2007, to Nassau University Medical Center by a unanimous vote of Nassau County legislature’s recommendation, and approved by Hon. Gov. George Pataki. Dr. Kalotee also serves on board of New York Institute of Technology where he received an honorary Doctoral degree in science in 2001. He also was the Chairman of Spartan Health Science University Saint Lucia, where he received a Doctoral degree in Philosophy in 2016.

Dr. Kalotee is the International Chairman of Friends for Good Health, a charitable organization that has a team of leading healthcare professionals that travel across the globe to provide necessary medical services in the most affected regions of the world. In a recent mission to El Salvador Dr. Kalotee and team served over 5,000 people in 4 different cities.


Dr, Kalotee is very active in politics since arrival in this great nation in the City and State of New York and he believes that politics is not a spectator sport, but rather it is a participatory sport. He believes casting one’s vote in an election is a privilege and it is a civic duty of every responsible citizen of this country. Dr. Kalotee was Chairman of Nassau County Independence party, Vice-Chairman of New York state Independence party and National Executive Director of Independence party of America. Dr. Kalotee was national chairman of Reform party from 2007 to 2010.


Dr. Kalotee as chairman of Friends for Good Health continues the organizations charitable work, recently donated hundreds of computers and tablets to the government of Grenada for its IT centers and for its schools. Over past several years he has made numerous trips to Central American and African countries with doctors and other healthcare professionals to provide preventative care for the needy, in those impoverished communities. He was also instrumental and personally directed the mission in providing disaster aid to El Salvador, Malawi, Haiti, India and others countries. He and Friends for Good Health sent thousands of toys to El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Guatemala, Grenada and Malawi over years. More recently he organized food drives and clothes worth over $3M for people that needed help in Central America and right here in our backyard of Queens, Nassau, Suffolk counties and in New York City. Dr. Kalotee is a Co-Chairman of Toys for Tots with US Marine’s since 2006 to present.


Dr. Kalotee is a Major in New York State Guard, division of Military and Naval affairs and a General in US disaster relief command. He has also been appointed as a special liaison for South Asia by the President of Malawi, Hon. Joyce Hilda Banda and presently he is serving as a special advisor to the Grenada Mission at UN mission. Dr. Kalotee says “It is an honor to serve a friend, Prime Minister of Grenada as his Sr. Advisor to UN and work with Ambassador Ms. Keisha McGuire”. Dr. Kalotee witnessed in person many elections and has attended inaugurations of several heads of states all over the world.


Dr. Kalotee was a guest speaker several times at the UN assembly hall in New York and in Geneva to the world community, on issues of Education and Health. His life experience of responsibility and understanding the importance of a better tomorrow was evident in his messages. He says “the warm response that he received from world leaders is a humbling experience”.


In 2019 at the 74th UN general assembly session Dr. Kalotee had the Honor to meet and greet heads of states, foreign ministers and other representatives from all countries, which is a huge honor and an excellent achievement. Naming a few are Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, UK, Greece, Norway, Hungary, India, Pakistan, China, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Lebanon, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, Liberia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Panama, Columbia, etc.


Mr. Kalotee was honored hundreds of times by many Religious, Civic, Union, Non Union, Local, National and International organizations for his charitable work. Recently he received keys to many cities and was recognized for the second time in the congressional record on September 19th 2019 by Hon. Thomas R. Suozzi addressing speaker of the house Hon. Nancy Pelosi and was joined by Hon. Raja Krishnamoorthi from Illinois and Hon. Carolyn Maloney from New York for his public service.

Bobby believes no matter where you live or work, today with technology you live and work everywhere with your extended family.

Bobby K. Kalotee is a charismatic and hard working individual...

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